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Hippo Video Features

Ease-up your video creation with our suite of advanced features designed for your entire team

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features recorder


Record videos effortlessly using our web/desktop/mobile app. Use our one-stop Chrome extension to access Hippo Video in a single click from anywhere online.

features screen recorder

Screen Recorder

Showcase ideas, tutorials, or demos by conveniently sharing your on-screen activity via our screen recorder. Do it two ways: Screen-only and Webcam+Screen.

features teleprompter


Deliver flawless video pitches without memorizing the script by reading from a scrolling teleprompter. Adjust the font size and scrolling speed as per your convenience.

features mark up tools

Mark-up Tools

Highlight, annotate, or focus important information using our Mark-up Tools to grab viewers' attention to specific information on the screen.

features video flows

Video Flows

Use our library of pre-built Video Flows to craft personalized videos for each prospect across the customer journey—in a few clicks. They’re totally customizable and endlessly reusable.

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features Basic Editing

Basic Editing

Edit your videos to perfection with Hippo Video’s basic edit features like trim, crop, add text, green screen, etc.

features Advanced Editing

Advanced Editing

Give your videos a complete makeover by stitching images and clips to them and layering them with voiceovers, BG music, virtual background, etc., effortlessly. Work on multiple audio and video tracks simultaneously.

features AI Editor

AI Editor

For editing video, don’t go through it frame-by-frame. Instead, edit videos quickly and accurately using the humble text—just like editing a Word document. And get a polished video output in mere minutes and with zero editing experience.

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features Virtual Background

Virtual Background

Keep your viewers focused on you rather than your surroundings. With the right virtual backdrop, feel confident while recording videos even from a non-formal setup, giving it a professional look.

features Sales pages

Sales pages

Transform your video pitch into an all-in-one, informative video experience for your viewers. Add supporting sales and marketing collateral for reference, and customize every element of the page for higher impact.

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features Interactive Elements

Interactive Elements

Engage your viewers and allow them to interact with you via your in-video CTAs, forms, polls, surveys, and branching. Further contextualize the course of outreach based on the video-interaction metrics.

features Subtitles


Auto-generate subtitles in five international languages besides English and make your videos comprehensible to a global audience. Thus, make your video viewing conducive and widen your reach.

features Video Personalization

Video Personalization

Create personalized videos and highlight them using in-video text personalization, improving your overall viewer engagement, retention, and conversion.

features Thumbnail Personalization

Thumbnail Personalization

Draw-in your viewers’ attention with eye-catching GIF thumbnails. Plus, customize them with your prospects’ personal details like first name, company name, etc. for an extra special touch.

features Humanize AI

Humanize AI

Record one video and auto-generate hundreds of personalized versions—each addressing your prospects individually. Make video personalization at scale possible without the hassle of endless 1:1 recordings.

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features Video Sharing

Video Sharing

Share videos via links, export them to social channels or blast them out as campaigns via prominent sales or marketing softwares, do it all with just a few clicks.

features Embed videos

Embed videos

Increase your website's SEO ranking and captivate visitors with responsive videos. Pick the embedment option, copy the code, and add it to your website in a flash.

features Video Hubs

Video Hubs

Curate and share different videos based on a common theme, topic, or category effortlessly in a single click. Plus, dynamically update the playlist—it requires no manual refresh.

features Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Monitor basic video engagement metrics like views, plays, percentage watched, user location, device used, etc.

features Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

Get insights on user activity, identify the top-performing video assets, and know your highly engaged prospects—all at a glance.

features Notifications


Get real-time notifications of viewers’ activities on your videos on your preferred sales engagement platform directly..

features Shares & Tracking

Shares & Tracking

Get detailed reports of each of your sharing activities and video assets on a single tab and gauge their performance with metrics like opens, views, plays, replies, medium of sharing, and more.